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8.10.2019 09:20 | Rossier

Napísali o nás na motoride.sk

Our company Rossier s.r.o. started its official sale of motorbike garage boxes on the Slovak market through the company MOTOSHOP Žubor in Banská Bystrica on September 28, 2019. We bring you an extensive photo gallery concerning this successful event. See more at motoride.sk

A new product on the market – ROSSIER garage boxes – will solve all your parking problems.

Garage boxes ROSSIER for motorbikes are made of ABS plastic and they are a solution for garaging your motorbikes, ATVs or bicycles.

They have been designed and constructed to fit the largest vehicles from such producers as HARLEY DAVIDSON or HONDA. The designed height of a garage box is 1.80 m, so that even a tall driver on an enduro motorbike with luggage bags will not have a problem to park their vehicle.

Boxes have been provided with a safety lock mechanism, so the security of your motorbikes is guaranteed. The design of our garage boxes is timeless and even slightly futuristic. It is impressive though, and people, who have seen it, love it. The whole design is the work of Mgr. art. Ján Jurčišin, a successful and established Slovak designer.

Besides motorbike garage boxes intended for motorcycle parking, our company ROSSIER also brings practical transport trailers for the transportation of motorcycles. Each trailer is equipped with a hydraulic chassis, which allows the trailer to literally sit down on the ground. You may then load your motorcycle or ATV onto the trailer without any unnecessary hassle.

Those of you, who wanted to buy a motorcycle in the past and did not know where to park it, you now have the opportunity to contact your motorcycle retailer and bring home a brand new garage box, together with your bike. You can now buy your ROSSIER garage box as a hire purchase for as low as 62€ a month.

We believe the brand ROSSIER is going to be successful on the Slovak market and will find quite a lot of customers among you, bikers, because it has bought forth a product that had been missing on our marker. Above all, it solves all your motorcycle parking problems.

For those of you, who are curious and interested, I recommend to take a look at the ROSSIER company website, www.rossierbox.com.


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