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23.9.2019 14:43 | Rossier

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*  The ROSSIER garage box has been designed especially for motorbikes, ATVs and bicycles. It is made of quality plastic, which doesn’t change its shape or colour. It boasts a robust and strong frame and a timeless design.

How did it all begin?

Much like the beginnings of many other things in this world, there was first a problem needing to be solved. I finally decided to buy a brand new motorbike after not having ridden for twenty hears. I was looking forward to the day I could finally take it home. However, you know how it goes – Slovak weather. Rain. Fortunately, I’ve got a double garage and my wife’s older car could easily remain outside in the rain. So there the car went and my motorbike got a roof over its head. At that moment however, my wife came out and after a short talking-to, or actually a monologue which I listened to, was her car right back in the garage and my motorbike outside in the rain. At first, I thought of buying a tarp to cover the vehicle. But at that moment I saw our dog in the process of marking it. A better solution was required!

A perfect solution

As it usually goes in moments like these, I started to intensely think about a solution to my problem. Garaging the motorbike, protection from rain, vandalism, snow, and my dog. Right there an idea entered my mind. And so, after three years of development, an immense number of adjustments, design changes, after countless hours of searching for the right engineers, materials and suppliers, it is finally here. A ROSSIER garage box made of quality plastic that doesn’t change its shape or colour. With a robust and strong frame and a timeless, slightly futuristic design, which had been my original intention.

Motorbikes, ATVs, bicycles

The ROSSIER garage box has been designed especially for motorbikes, ATVs and bicycles. It has been created for people who are just like me, people, who love their beautiful machines, who love motorcycles and everything that gets the heart pumping. People, who want to protect what they love. The box can fit even the largest vehicles, such as Honda Gold Wing or Harley Davidson Electra Glide. Of course, it also fits any large travel enduro bike with luggage. The height of the box has been designed in such a way, as to allow even taller riders to enter the box without lowering their head. The box is wide enough, which means that your machine will not touch the frame even in case of a slight tilt. It is even possible to fit two smaller motorbikes or scooters into the box.

Garage box & trailer

The garage box guarantees maximum security thanks to its full lock system. The design attracts attention, but it also fits the environment of any street, house or parking lot. Our first reactions concerning the design have been very positive. You can pick your own colour finish from a range of offers, all according to your own taste. When creating our garage boxes however, we have also thought about all of those, who like to take their motorbike with them on a track or holiday, but lack the necessary van. And so the ROSSIER trailer saw the light of day, with its own hydraulic chassis and mechanical or electronic controls. You don’t need an access ramp; the trailer lowers itself down to the ground, which allows you to conveniently load any heavy motorbike or ATV, which you can then transport to your desired location safe and dry, much like in a van.

Product with a future

The company ROSSIER is currently reaching out towards many Slovak retailers, as well as many retailers from abroad. Our products, the garage box and the trailer ROSSIER are definite eye-catchers, many retailers are positively inclined towards the sale of our products after their first personal acquaintance. A product like this can easily convince even new customers to buy a motorcycle, especially those, who had been hesitant, because they had had no place to park a motorbike. As for ourselves, we can only add a few words of praise at the end: an excellent idea, superior craftsmanship, indeed a successful Slovak product.

The colours of the ROSSIER garage box can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.


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